Installing Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is one of the most beautiful materials you can install in your home. It also can be one of the most difficult, depending on room layout, patterns, and materials. Installation success also depends on your knowledge and skills in working with wood. Maybe you’ve thought that installing a new wood floor is just too much work for the do-it-yourselfer. It can be. However, each week hundreds of homeowners are installing new hardwood floors¾and many thousands more are enjoying them. This section offers proven methods of installing unfinished and prefinished solid wood flooring that can make the job much easier. It guides you through selecting materials and tools as well as each step in the installation process. Best of all, you watch as hardwood floors are installed and learn from both successes and errors. You’ll learn how to install solid hardwood floors like a pro.

  • Selecting Materials and Tools

    The pros know that selecting materials and tools is one of the most important steps in installing quality solid wood flooring. Wood flooring that is warped or not milled consistently can make installation extremely frustrating. And using inadequate tools can make the job take twice as long as necessary.

  • Installing Unfinished Flooring

    Installing then finishing unfinished hardwood flooring is quite a process and few do-it-yourselfers tackle it. The largest part of the job is the sanding. Even so, take a look at the following instructions as it may -- or may not -- be a job you want to tackle. There's great pride in installing and finishing your home's hardwood floor.

  • Installing Prefinished Flooring

    Prefinished hardwood flooring is increasingly popular with do-it-yourselfers. The messy sanding and finishing is done in the factory, leaving only assembly and fastening for the installer. Of course, that means the price is higher for finished flooring materials. Following are guidelines for installing, fastening, and racking prefinished hardwood flooring.

  • Maintaining Solid Wood Floors

    Solid hardwood floors are relatively maintenance-free, depending on the finish. For example, prefinished flooring requires only vacuuming and a periodic wiping with the manufacturer’s recommended cleaner. House-finished floors require little more depending on whether the final finish is a stain or a sealer. Following are suggestions for keeping your new hardwood floor in top condition longer.

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